The Broker Point of View

MGIS 2013 Broker Survey sheds light on industry issues, upcoming technology, and what makes brokers tick in the physician market

We hear you, and we’re doing something about it. Contract comparisons? Check. LTD topics of interest? Check. Broker-only web portal with customizable sales and marketing tools? Check. The single most important item that prompts you to work with MGIS? Check.

Get your hands on all the survey results. To download a survey summary, simply enter your contact information (see side bar) and click SEND NOW. Better yet, to get specific information about how we can work together to jumpstart physician business in your area, pick up the phone and call Mark Harris, AVP, Broker Marketing Programs, at 800-969-6447, extension 284.

Thanks again for sharing your expertise and insight with us. Here are just a few of the survey highlights:

  • MGIS is expanding its technology footprint. More than 70% of brokers would like to see a broker-only web portal that contains customizable sales and marketing materials. And 63.6% would like to see webinars and podcasts. Click here.
  • Three-fourths of the brokers who responded to the survey have been working with MGIS for years. In fact, 26.8% of respondents have been with MGIS for more than 10 years, 25.4% have been with us for 6-9 years, and 22.5% have been with us for 4-5 years.
  • When it comes to payment of commissions, 80% of our brokers are satisfied. Click here.
  • Of the activities most important to brokers in helping sell more physician group business, “Contract Comparisons” was the lead activity, while “Lead Generation” was second.
  • When working with physician clients and prospects, brokers rated “Contract language (key definitions)” as the most important item. Contract language was followed closely by “Claims Resolution” and “Maximum Benefit Amount.” Click here.
  • The biggest obstacle that brokers face in growing their businesses is the lack of qualified leads.
  • The number one item that prompts brokers to work with MGIS is “Service.” Item number two is “Quality Product,” which is followed by “Contract.”