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Do you have the right group disability coverage? Or is your disability plan disabled?
A recent report on U.S. physicians’ financial preparedness is startling. It indicates that 42% of physicians haven’t reviewed their disability insurance coverage within the past five years, and 60% bought their policies more than 10 years ago.


Let’s be brutally honest. If you fall into the no-review-lately category, you could be one step – or misstep, so to speak -- away from being in a world of hurt, financially and otherwise. That’s why you need to know about group disability coverage from MGIS that’s designed specifically for your specialty right down to your CPT codes.

Rather than bombard you with details about the strength and differentiators of our physicians-only LTD contract, we ask that you consider these four questions:

  • Does your Group LTD plan cover you if you can no longer practice within your specialty? Learn more.

  • Does your Group LTD plan continue your contributions to your employer-sponsored qualified retirement plan? Learn more.

  • Does your Group LTD plan provide a monthly benefit of $10,000-$15,000 to your practice to help with overhead expenses in the event a key doctor is disabled? Learn more.

  • Are your medical malpractice premiums reimbursed through your Group LTD plan while you are disabled? Learn more.


Right now is the right time to take an in-depth look at your group disability coverage and to identify areas where your current policy probably falls short.

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