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Avoid the high wire act. Buying products and services essential to your professional and financial success is in many ways like constantly walking a tightrope: balancing the need for the highest possible value and quality on the one hand, and the best possible price on the other. While you didn’t necessarily sign up for this part of the job, in today’s environment, smart physicians work with adequate safety nets in place – to guard against the inevitable slip or potential fall.

Free case study. I would like to share with you a case study -- Click here to download your free copy -- that highlights a 40-doctor ophthalmology/optometry group who ignored a few simple professional safety precautions as they approached the renewal of their group LTD policy – and decided to replace it with a new, low-cost, money-saving proposal. The Reader’s Digest version of the case study? Well, let’s just say it was a very unhappy landing for the lead physician, the practice, and the broker who brought them the deal.

Enjoy the case study. Think of it as our way of helping you maintain your professional balance when it comes to your group disability coverage.


Rock S. Broker

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