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We are excited to announce we will be attending the NAIFA on September 8th!

You will not want to miss this.

We are pleased to introduce:

High Limit Disability Income Protection for Physicians and Dentists

Experts recommend that physicians and dentists maintain disability insurance that replaces between 65% and 80% of their income when they can’t work because of injury or illness. However, physicians with high incomes often can’t get enough coverage, or enough of the right coverage, with Individual Disability and Group Disability to meet that need.

In the same way, they may not be able to obtain enough coverage to fund a disability business overhead buy-out program for their practice.

For almost 50 years, Medical Group Insurance Services (MGIS) has specialized in creating a continuum of coverage that addresses the unique income replacement needs of physicians and dentists. Working with the world-renowned Lloyd’s of London, we have added a layer of coverage for physicians and dentists earning over $400,000 annually. MGIS IncomeProtect® | HIGH LIMITS maintains the integrated continuum of key provisions crucial to protecting high income earners.

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