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We are excited to announce our 2017 Velocity Club contest!

Will you be heading to the tropical Dominican Republic with us this year? This year’s contest includes a 4 day, all-expense paid excursion at a luxury resort.

Come join us!

How to win:

The top 6 new premium producing brokers who write at least $500,000 on physician and dentist groups during the 2017 production year qualify for the trip. You also get premium credit for 10% of your inforce case premium, up to $50,000. And premium from new lines you add to existing cases counts, too.

The competition is about to start heating up for those 6 coveted slots in this year’s Velocity Club sales contest.

Contact your MGIS RVP or Sun Life EBR to hear new approaches that are ramping up books of business with doctors and dentists.

Or contact Jon Rasmussen at 800-969-6447 ext 125 or to be connected with the RVP/EBR for your area.

Click here for more information on this year’s contest!

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