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4% of U.S. Doctors Eye ACOs

New Study Reports 4% of America’s 1 Million+ Doctors Plan to Join ACOs in the Next 3 Years

A recent study by leading trade journal Physicians Practice revealed that 4% of physicians surveyed plan to join an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in the next three years1. That’s over 40,000 new prospective clients in this segment.

From a benefits standpoint ACOs are often considered Multi-Practice Entities (MPE) with specialized insurance needs not addressed by typical LTD products.

MGIS IncomeProtect™ | MULTI-PRACTICE addresses these gaps by allowing MPE member practices to remain independent with separate policies issued to each member practice yet still enjoy many of the benefits typically available only to large organizations. Click here for details.

IncomeProtect, Multi-Practice will:

  • Treat all members of the MPE as a single large group for feature availability, underwriting and pricing approach regardless of practice size
  • Allow tailored plan design, pricing and administration for individual practices
  • Provide single point of administration for sponsors

IDI Supplement Foundation
Best of all, MGIS IncomeProtect™ | MULTI-PRACTICE is built on the IncomeProtect™ LTD insurance foundation that acts as a supplement to a doctor’s Individual Disability Insurance (IDI), providing attractive IDI-style benefits on a group platform that aren’t available with traditional LTD policies. It stacks right on top of IDI coverage without offsets.

Get Ahead of the Wave
This growing trend toward Multi-Practice Entities could present a significant opportunity for new, differentiated physician disability insurance potential in your area. Check out our playbook and talk to our sales RVPs to find out how.

The MPE Sales Playbook
IncomeProtect | Multi-Practice

Get your copy of this detailed guide on how to uncover and close these emerging opportunities.

Download Now


1Physicians Practice, “The Great American Physician Survey,” September 2016.

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