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There is good and bad news.

The Bad News: Chances are you will be sued by the time you are 55. Current statistics show that 50% of bariatric surgeons fall into this category. Although most malpractice suits never reach trial, the average three-year process is costly —both personally and professionally.

Read more to discover what to expect from a lawsuit and get survival tips from the experts.

So the real question is who’s got your back?

  • Do they know anything about bariatric surgery?
  • What can they do to keep me OUT of the courtroom vs defend me IN the courtroom?
  • Isn’t all malpractice insurance basically the same?
The Good News: There are bariatric experts who have got your back. Leading clinicians and industry veterans have built a one-of-a-kind customized safety, risk mitigation and insurance solution specifically for bariatric surgeons. And yes, it is different.

The Surgi-Protect™ program provides you with not just specialized malpractice insurance protection, but with evidence-based tools that will help minimize liability risk and ultimately, keep you out of the courtroom. Learn more at

Created through an exclusive partnership with SE Healthcare Quality Consulting – a safety and risk management services and education firm led by its board chair Phil Schauer, MD – director of the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute at The Cleveland Clinic – the Surgi-Protect program provides data-rich evidence-based tools that drill down on what truly impacts quality, safety and liability in bariatrics – everything from risk reduction tools and safety strategies to quality improvement protocols, patient experience of care strategies, patient engagement forms, and the tools surgeons need to be successful in the post-ACA environment.

To learn how this can work in your practice, request a call with one of our experts. Or visit to read how Surgi-Protect has worked for other bariatric practices.

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