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Repayment Process Simplified

Paying back non-eligible expenses is easy and fast

Ineligible expenses on a flex card?
With the conversion to the new Mastercard, there is a new and improved process for handling repayments for non-eligible purchases. Now when an non-eligible expense is charged to a flex card and repayment is required, pay back is as simple as three easy steps.

Step 1: Make the check payable to MGIS
Once employees are notified that repayment is required, they can make the repayment check payable to MGIS — not your group. As program administrator, you are no longer responsible for depositing checks and informing us of the repayment.

Step 2: Mail the check to the following Texas address:
Attn: Repayment Department
P.O.Box 111700
Carrollton, TX 75011-1700
Step 3: Sit back and relax
Once the repayment is recieved and processed by MGIS, it will be credited to your account directly. You will see the credit posted to your bank account and participants will be able to view the repayment in their accounts via the CDH web portal.

Please contact your MGIS account manager at 800-969-6447.
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