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Dear Valued MGIS Broker,

Is it possible to stack group long-term disability (LTD) coverage on top of your physician clients’ individual coverage even if their individual coverage is maxed out?

Absolutely. Group LTD coverage can be layered right on top of any individual disability plan with no offset or coordination of benefits. It gets better. Your physician clients will not be required to provide medical information or undergo any tests or medical examinations. Must be expensive, right? Nope. The cost for up to $10,000 in monthly coverage averages $250 per month, depending on the specialty and demographics. If that’s not enough to jump start your physician business battery (so to speak), consider that this coverage includes medical specialty and sub-specialty definitions of disability.

Learn more. If you would like a complimentary, side-by-side analysis between the MGIS/Sun Life Financial policy and any competitor’s policy, please click here and enter your contact information in the side bar. The Physician Group Disability experts at MGIS will review both policies and highlight key differences for you.

Stack it on, indeed.


Your MGIS Team

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