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The current myriad of changes in healthcare has created a corresponding myriad of CDH-related questions – but unfortunately, not a lot of answers.

While we don’t claim to have all the answers, we’ve researched the best thinking on some of the hottest topics, and compiled them as clickable resources that provide a consensus expert opinion.

We hope this Question & Click format will provide useful guidance as you consult with clients in navigating tough-to-answer questions regarding their programs.

Questions & Clicks

Q: Can participants who purchase individual coverage through the Exchange run their un-subsidized portion of the premiums pre-tax through a cafeteria plan? 
Q: Does the IRS require the receipts and documentation for flexible spending debit card purchases?
Q: Will adding or losing coverage under an Exchange plan be considered a qualifying event under the cafeteria plan rules?
Q: What are “integrated” HRA plans?
Q: Are there any exemptions for a stand-alone HRA plan to be eligible after January 1, 2014?
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