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MGIS CDH — Better for Participants

3 important ways MGIS CDH Programs Benefit Participants

Our new online system provides a wide variety of new ways for participants to update their accounts and get the information they need. Streamlined, real-time access simplifies their lives, and relieves administrative overhead.

#1: Online Claim and Receipt Submission. No more filling out paper forms or mailing and faxing documentation. It can all be done online with a few clicks anytime, from anywhere.

#2: Personal Information Updates and Card Orders. The new system gives participants complete control of updating their own personal information, and access to order new/replacement cards. Now changes in family status, addresses, contact information or replacing lost cards are completed in a few simple steps.

#3: Choose Payment Designation. Participants can choose to have reimbursement sent directly to the provider or to themselves. They don’t have to bother their administrator or HR manager for this, or any other changes. It’s quick and convenient.

Contact us today and let us share more of the details on how MGIS CDH programs life easier for your participants – and for you.


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Noelle Lundberg
CDH- Senior Sales Executive 
Utah Health & Life License # 415176

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