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Hidden in Plain Sight: Unexpected Value in Your Policy

Discover the unexpected value in your MGIS policy for those unexpected surprises – at home, work or halfway across the world.

Surprising, Unexpected Value

Many of our clients are surprised at the additional value they receive from their MGIS coverage when unexpected events happen in their lives. Beyond premier disability and life protection, clients receive help with a number of additional issues that significantly impact their work and personal lives.

Real-Life Unexpected Benefits – from Cyber to Singapore

Over the next year, we will be highlighting various client testimonials in a series of short articles that tell how MGIS coverage provided surprising value when they needed it most.
  • Identity Theft - thwart and outsmart cyber thieves
  • HR Essentials - quick tools, references and expertise for hot HR issues
  • Travel Assist - "How I became our doctor’s travel emergency hero"
  • Employee Assistance Plan - professional help for personal issues
  • Coverage Checkup - keeping coverage current with life/practice changes
Watch for these articles and more in future communications from MGIS.

Our Commitment = Your Expectation

You can expect the very best from MGIS when the unexpected occurs – and you may be surprised at the value hiding in your policy for those life incidents you least expect.

At MGIS we expect and protect the unexpected. It’s what we do. It’s all we do.

New Micro-Video Series 3in33
Give us 33 seconds, we'll give you 3 hard-hitting facts that can help you maximize the value of your insurance coverage – and save you money.

"I had totally forgotten that coverage was included in our policy. My doc thinks I am a hero."

~ Practice Administrator, Orthopaedics Group, Indianapolis, IN
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