Specialized group long-term disability coverage for physicians

5 Things a Disabled Doctor Doesn't Want To Hear

You may have purchased individual disability insurance early in your career and you may have added Group Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance to supplement this income protection. But not all LTD policies are alike. Here are 5 things you don’t want to hear at claim time from a Group LTD claims examiner:

  1. Your policy defines your occupation merely as “medical doctor.”
  2. Your material and substantial duties are not the specific procedures you were performing.
  3. We think you can be retrained as some other type of medical doctor. If you refuse, we can reduce—or even terminate— your benefit.
  4. If you can perform some of your duties, or work part-time, then you must do so. Otherwise, we may reduce or terminate your benefit.
  5. If you are a disabled partner receiving K-1 income, you may receive a reduced disability benefit ... or none at all.

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Ask Jade Risk to help you understand how LTD policy provisions can affect you at claim time. When you invest in group LTD coverage based on policy language that protects you instead of on price alone—the difference at claim time can be dramatic.

"With their specialized contract and physician-only focus, MGIS' expertise and depth of experience is unparalleled. And they have legitimate statistics to back up a long history of physician claims being paid."
– Client Survey Response